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Love change, fear staying the same. Change is the law of life since everything is the result of change. Change is all around us and we become better by changing. As a matter of fact, our human intelligence is the answer of Nature to change because there is no intelligence where there is no need of change. But many people struggle substantially with the uncertainty of change, despite we are genetically programmed to cope with it. Therefore, we have the chance of making the change a partner in life. In fact, transformational leaders such as Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, and Mahatma Gandhi, have served to change the status quo for the better. The key lies in their minds because they have used the power of infinite thinking to change anything and create their own games. Infinite thinking is the mindset of those great people and organizations that have made the change a partner in life for continually creating an improved version of themselves in a singular, sustainable and scalable way.

Changing our relationship with change

How can we continuously life and work for change when everything is constantly changing around us? Life is an infinite game in a state of constant change. All is flux, nothing stays still. Life is like weather, it’s anything but fixed. Whether you like it or not, it will change. There is nothing Nature loves so much as to change existing forms of life and make new ones. Moreover, as human beings, we cope with change every in our daily lives, and we worry about the changes that are taking place in the world around us. In today’s high-tech consumer society, the pace of change is speeding up. As more new technology comes onto the market, it increases exponentially the pace of change in life generally.

But technology is not the only driver of change in the twenty-first century world. The global society is on the brink of incredible changes due to the volatile and uncertain nature of politics and economics in recent years, compounded by the evidences of climate change. We fundamentally are caught in a pincer grip between our economic system and global ecological disaster.

Yet, for all our exposure to change, we are novices when it comes to making the most of transformations and disruptions. As individuals, change blocks our path as often as it speeds us on our way. As businesses, we have experienced that majority of “change programs” are frequently subject to failure. As societies, we appear to lack the courage to make the game-changing moves that could transform our crises into twenty-first century opportunities. The epidemic of anxiety that we experience is caused in large part by our addiction to certainty, which has us fear from change and avoid the unknown. De facto, it is common knowledge that over 70% of all change efforts fail to achieve the impact that was desired.

But we cannot avoid change and the more we resist it the tougher our life becomes. What is more, as change is all around us, we must try to change our relationship with change and turn it our best partner in life. Change doesn’t mean executing a well-defined list of finite shifts in the way things work. Change is quite another matter. Change is not equal to finiteness. The overall goal is not just to execute a defined change, but to embed change in everyday life. Then we can begin to see the fruits of change. Life walks in the hand of perpetual transformation, infinite change.

Creating an improved version of ourselves in a singular, sustainable and scalable way

Our mind creates the life we live in. Our thoughts and emotions shape our decisions, and thus, the kind of person we become and what we achieve. We can think that life is finite and live in a game created by others where nothing can be changed. Or we can think that life is infinite and create our own game where everything can be improved. In the moment we realize we are not victims of predetermined circumstances, but the creator of them, our life is shaped towards success, happiness and self-fulfillment. Therefore, we can change our lives for the better by merely changing the way we think.

Infinity is the very essence of our being since our thinking is infinite, it has no bounds. Therefore, our possibilities and potential for improvement are limitless. Philosophically, infinite thinking is about making change a partner in life to continually create an improved version of ourselves in a singular, sustainable and scalable way. Practically speaking, infinite thinking is a model of systemic change in form of virtuous loop that comes from connecting three fundamental questions: WHY we do WHAT we do and HOW we can do it better.

Infinite thinking gives us the power to change any aspect of our lives for the better by connecting a singular intent, a sustainable impact, and a scalable intelligence. It gives us the vision to forge new paths in the future, the resilience to deal with change, the agility to be playful with it. It means fear from uncertainty is no longer a dominant factor and no longer prevents us from taking action to make change a partner in life. In the era of always-on’ change infinite thinking is a proper path to self-transformation and therefore to success, happiness and self-fulfillment.

infinite thinking by jose cantera

The loop stresses that infinite thinking is also iterative, leveraging the biology of human brain and its infinite capacity to change. We know today that the brain is ‘plastic,’ that it constantly ‘rewires’ itself in dialogue with the environment, the experience and with the process of thinking itself. Through experience of its world, the brain lays down new neural connections. The richer and more varied the experience, the greater the maze of neural connections that forms. Therefore, infinite thinking is also the permanent and rapid interaction between expectations and reality, where constant experiencing provides feedback to our brain in order to improve our way of thinking and living.


We do not rise to the level of our dreams, but we fall at the level of our thinking. Our struggle with change is in part caused by our habituation to old thoughts and orthodoxies. We only need to think of change as the wind in our sails, empowering us toward the lives we seek. Change is where infinite possibility lies in order to be the creators of our own games.

This is the first in a series of four articles that details the Infinite Thinking approach to change our relationship with change and make it a partner in both our professional and personal lives.

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