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Since we are born, people tend to encourage us to be the best. Competing to be the best is a mindset very rooted in our society, not just in business, but in many other aspects of human life. We’re raised to play the finite game of being the best and following the rules set by other people, such as going to this school, get this education, getting this job, living in this neighbourhood, settling down and building a family.

But when you only compete to be the best, you are moving into someone else’s territory, always fighting to improve other people’s creations. A lot of the time this isn’t questioned, it just seems to be how life is, everyone’s doing it, so the rest do the same. This leads one to lack an independent, strong sense of self.

Life is very limited when you simply play the game that has been left by those before us. Life can be much more meaningful if you hack yourself and create your own game. When you hack the value inside of you, you aren’t following someone else’s journey, but you’re building your own journey and creating your singular story.

You can leave a mark on the world like others before you, and you can have a lasting impact on those who follow you. This is the mindset that separates those with fulfilling lives from everyone else. Once you realize that, you’ll never be the same again.

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