Value Hacking

Value Hacking: The full-stack strategic framework to shape, scale and dominate your own billion-dollar game in the digital era.

Value Hacking is a strategic framework that aims primarily at shaping, scaling and dominating your own value game, rather than competing in the game you find. Most successful companies are perpetual mutant organizations that play continuously with game’s boundaries and rules. That explains that when the result of the creation is something truly singular and valuable there is no room for replication, copycatting and competition. The next big thing will not be another version Alibaba, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, Netflix, Tesla, or WeChat. If you are just copying these companies, you are not learning anything from them.But what you can really learn is that everything around you, from the most bright idea to the most beautiful thing, was made by people like you. And you can create new bright ideas to influence people and you can create new beautiful things to delight people. You must create, not compete for what is already created. Life is about creating your own game, not just playing the game you find. Once you realize that, the sky is the limit.

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La Teoría del Huevo Kinder


The Kinder Joy’s Theory: Happiness is the secret gene of the most successful and admired companies in the world.

There’s a new kind of company model that put people and happiness first. But what’s remarkable is how, in making this strategic choice, these companies are becoming highly profitable. Companies like Amazon, Apple, BMW, Burberry, Cirque du Soleil, Discovery, Disney, FC Barcelona, ​​Ferrero, Four Seasons, Google, Morning Star, Netflix, Nike, P&G,, Starbucks, South West, Virgin, Zara or Zappos are great examples of a new business paradigm based on the purpose of making people happy. By placing the happiness of their customers and employees first, they’ve created incredibly strong cultures and and highly profitable business models. It is the magic of creating value through a happiness virtuous circle that connects customers, employees and shareholders.

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Networknomics: A new paradigm of value creation in the economy of creativity, connectivity and collaboration

Old business paradigms don’t work properly in a digitally hyperconnected world. This new environment help people and their organizations to co-create value in ways that were unimaginable a few decades ago. As business become more network-like, with ecosystems becoming the norm and not the exception, value creation requires more networked frameworks. Networknomics is an invitation to rethink value creation itself because it depends heavily on those with whom one connects, and in connecting, who co-create value. The transition from chains to networks calls for a shift from a strategic frame centred upon creativity, connectivity and collaboration. This represents the roots of new strategic plays, innovative business models, organizational models, and management styles.

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